September 27, 2022

Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Abkhazia

 (CSS) was established by a presidential decree on February 13, 2006.

The research objectives of CSS include:

  • development and evaluation of concept projects aimed at ensuring stable and safe development of the Republic of Abkhazia;
  • development of methods and methodology of academic research;
  • collection of survey results and the construction of the concept of development for the Republic of Abkhazia;
  • presentation of information and analytical materials, proposals, recommendations, expert evaluations, predictions for official use by higher state authorities;
  • creating a database of information to carry out research activities;
  • informing political and academic circles as well as the public about the results of the completed studies.

To address the scientific objectives three main research directions were identified:

  • The study of socio-cultural processes;
  • The study of problems and prospects of the national economy of Abkhazia;
  • Analysis of the geopolitical situation in Abkhazia.

These areas were chosen due to internal and external circumstances of the development of Abkhazia at the present stage.

In accordance with these basic scientific directions two departments were established: Culture and Geopolitics, Economy. The research work of the departments are carried out in accordance with the regulations and plans of the CSS that provide for the implementation of research projects and the development of various analytical reports and materials.

There are 10 researchers and 3 technical staff at the CSS. All staff have higher education, two of the academic staff have Doctoral degrees (PhDs from European Universities), four are Candidates of Sciences (Local equivalent to a PhD degree) and two have master’s degrees (MA from European Universities).

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